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Now Recruiting


New Study Invitation:
Characterization of Clinical Pharmacist and Hospitalist Collaborative Practice

Who: Clinical Pharmacists
What: Cross-sectional survey of clinician pairs (clinical pharmacists and hospitalist physicians
Where: Inpatient settings
How: Complete online survey using REDCap in less than 1 hour

The ACCP Practice-Based Research Network (PBRN) invites all clinical pharmacists who work on care teams with hospitalist physicians to consider participating in a survey-based research study. The survey will be administered to clinical pharmacist-hospitalist physician pairs; multiple clinical pharmacists from the same practice site may participate in the survey, as long as unique clinicians (i.e. clinical pharmacist and hospitalist physician) are identified per pair. The goals of this study are to characterize clinical pharmacist-hospitalist physician collaborations and determine challenges to successful relationships. Study results will be applied to either develop or refine existing best practices to effective utilization of these joint working relationships, since both groups share goals of optimizing patient care and reducing healthcare costs.

Survey Eligibility Criteria

  1. Clinical pharmacist is interested in participating in the survey on behalf of his/her clinical pharmacist-hospitalist physician pair.
  2. Clinical pharmacist practices in an inpatient setting.
  3. Clinical pharmacist can identify at least 2-3 hospitalist physicians or providers from his/her practice site who are interested in participating in the study.

To find out more about this study, including how you can participate, please contact our PBRN staff at